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Things to Do Before Bidding in Your First Auction


Buying property can be a great investment. Are you thinking of buying from your first auction service? Before you do, here are three important tips you should know.

  1. Check Your Budget

    Ensuring you have the funds to purchase property before bidding in auctions in Ohio is crucial. This is the first box you have to tick off. If you intend to apply for a loan to make this purchase, be sure to speak with a property finance consultant first.

  2. Do Prior Research

    Beforehand, get an estimate of the municipality surplus by researching the selling prices of comparable homes. Interested buyers
    usually do their research on the value of the property. After all, it’s also an investment. Consider the housing demand in the area and the closeness to amenities such as hospitals, schools, and public transportation.

  3. Break Your Auction Cherry

    Bidding is a special skill. Attend an online auction or an in-person one as a spectator before actually bidding. This will help acquaint you with how an auction runs. Attending auctions may also help you study vendor bidding and an auctioneer’s techniques.

Stop by Bender Auctions, your Auctioneer in Massillon, Ohio, to experience your first auction! Feel free to ask us any questions or concerns you have in mind. We’re glad to help!

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