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Common Auction Mistakes That First-Time Sellers Should Avoid


If you are planning on selling your personal assets through an online auction, there are several factors to consider. Deciding to sell your belongings through an auction requires an ample amount of preparation that an auctioning service can help with. Before you decide to auction off your items, here are the most common auction mistakes that you should avoid:

  • Starting Auctions Too High
    It is common for first-time sellers to overestimate the value of their items. This is most common in auction listings where the starting price or reserve is exceptionally high. Although it is important for sellers to maximize their earnings, a starting price that is too high can kill interest in the listing altogether and leave the item unsold. Hiring an auction service will help determine the best price.
  • Poor Photo Quality
    When taking part in auctions in Ohio, be sure to add high-quality photos of the item. Take multiple photos in good angles and lighting. The better the range and quality of the photos, the more confident a potential buyer will feel in going through with the purchase.
  • Lack of Descriptive Text
    Posting photos alone will not be enough for serious buyers. It is equally important to add a concise but comprehensive description of the item. The text should consist of information that the buyer would want to know. This includes details like the condition of the item or its measurements.

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